The Sawstop Contractor saw

Sawstop table saw

The contractor table saw from Sawstop is the best value machine in the range.  As always, safety comes first with Sawstop – but its closely followed by unmatched quality, precision and meticulous engineering. We’ve brought together all the videos (and other relevant info) from our site into this one location – giving you everything you need to know about the Sawstop Contractor table saw in one easy location. Sawstop contractor saw review Jordan from is a Perth (Australia) based... Read More

MiniMax Combination Machines


We’ve collated the best of the best info from our site and put it into one easy to find location.  If you’re looking for info on the MiniMax range of 4 in 1 combinations machines or the planer/thicknessers this is where you’ll find it. Made by a host of experts, these video’s cover a wide variety of topics, including assembly, setup and how to use. Should I buy a combination machine or stand alone woodworking machine Whats better, combination machines... Read More

The Sawstop Professional saw

Sawstop table saw

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Sawstop Professional table saws is an Australian woodworking blogger, based in the suburbs of Melbourne. Stus site details all facets of woodworking, from turning through to cnc machining – with the site getting over 1000 hits per day. In early 2014 Stu purchased a new Sawstop Professional saw. The videos from his site (linked below) give a great overview of the Sawstop saw and how it works. The Sausage demo The... Read More

How to use a table saw – the free video series

Making drawers on a tablesaw

Gregory Paolini is a US based woodworking author, teacher and manufacturer of fine furniture. You’ll find examples of his work at his website Gregory was recently commissioned by Sawstop to create a series of instructional video’s, showing you how to use a table saw. Using his Sawstop Industrial Cabinet saw, Gregory shows everything from the fundamentals of using a table saw, through to complex projects such as curving timber are covered. Below you’ll find a summary of the available... Read More