Sawgear Length Stops

Don’t measure, don’t mark – Just cut!

Designed to be easily fitted to your new or existing machinery, the sawgear is a reliable fence system that gives repeatable accuracy.

Perfect for drop saws, drills, upcut saws – wherever you need an accurate length measurement.

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A smart addition to your workshop, the Sawgear length stops are designed to let you make repetitive, accurate cuts.

Available in 3 standard lengths, you can custom order your Sawgear to suit you.  No more relying on manual measurements or fumbling with tape measures, the Sawgear ensures you measure correctly – every time.

Working lengths available are:

  • SG8 – 2.4m (8′)
  • SG12 – 3.6m (12′)
  • SG16 – 4.8m (16′)

The sawgear length stop kit includes the extrusion fence, pusher system and keypad (the stands and tables are not included).

We deliver Australia wide.  For accurate freight pricing to your door, email us at with your address details.  We’ll get a quote from our most competitive supplier, and let you know.

Want to Know More?

  • Learn about the mounting system thats comes standard with the Sawgear, making fitting to your existing bench or tables easy.sawgear mounting system
















Contact us for information on pricing and availability.


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Specification Sheet

Sawgear length stops are available in 3 working lengths.

  • SG8 – 2.4m (8′)
  • SG12 – 3.6m (12′)
  • SG16 – 4.8m (16′)
  • Repeatable accuracy – 0.20mm (0.008″)
  • Drive type – 32mm steel reinforced belt
  • Motor drive – DC with optical encoder
  • Pushing capicity – zero, operates as a stop only
  • Made in USA
  • Supplied with control pad, fence and pusher.  Does not include table and stand.

Contact us for information on pricing and availability.