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BSP Blue sawblade – combination panel and solid wood

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The BSP blue combination panel and solid timber range feature a unique gullet size, and the perfect amount of teeth to give you a smooth, trouble free cutting action.

Available in either 250mm or 300mm diameter.

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Product Description

Tooling is a critical part of any machine purchase.  Any machine is only as good as the blade or cutter that’s in it. BSP sawblades and tooling for wood machines

If you buy cheap blades its a bit like putting cheap tyres on a Formula1 car – it just won’t perform the way its supposed to!

BSP blue sawblades: European quality at great pricing.

We spent considerable time and effort in search of a tooling supplier that could complement the MiniMax range – ensuring we always get the best possible cutting accuracy from our machines.

Which is how we found BSP Blue sawblades.

A European supplier, BSP blue are not necessarily the cheapest.  However you’ll find in the long run they’ll save you money.

The high quality carbide used ensures they last longer than most other blades on the market.

BSP Blue – combination panel and solid wood sawblade range

The timber ripping range is avaialable off the shelf in two sizes

  1. 250mm diameter with 60 teeth
  2. 300mm diameter with 72 teeth

All BSP blades have a 30mm bore size.  If you have a machine with a 1″ shaft, make sure you check out our BSP blue bore adaptor.

The tooling designers at BSP Blue have designed a gullet size perfectly matched to the diameter and number of teeth on each blade – giving you a beautiful finish

Want to see the BSP Blue combination panel and solid wood blade in action? – take a look at this online review from Jordan of Jordswoodshop.


2 reviews for BSP Blue sawblade – combination panel and solid wood

  1. (verified owner):

    I’ve got to tell you I am really impressed. I mean, even with just rip cutting this pine and the jarrah, that blade performed really well. It actually felt more like a combination blade, which is quite surprising. The cut quality on the hardwoods in a rip cut is really nice. I mean, I am looking down this thing, and it is super-smooth. So that is definitely a glue-ready joint, and you know, maybe just hit it whether it be a 120, 180-grit sandpaper if it’s on the outside of a tabletop or something, but that is super-smooth. So I am really impressed with that.

    Click to view Jordans full video review of the BSP combination blade

  2. (verified owner):

    Out of the box the blade looks much like any other. It has a good amount of carbide on it so I should get plenty of sharpening from it during the course of its life. I mainly work with solid timber and veneered board and put it straight to use on my MiniMax SC2 Classic table saw

    The first week we were working with a lot 18mm birch ply with oak veneer on each side. The cut results were excellent leaving minimal sanding on the ply edges. Although I always use the scribing blade with veneer we tested it without and still got virtually no break out on the underside of the cut.

    The next couple of weeks the blade mainly cut solid wood in various dimensions. Cutting through 50mm Tallow wood and 70mm Euro Beech gave an excellent finish on the end grain. Everything else we cut posed no problem, and it runs very quietly and vibration free.

    I have used mainly Freud blades for many years and must say I would rate the BSP as every bit as well.

    John Gallagher
    Piece Contemporary Fine Furniture

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Specification Sheet

250mm diameter with 60 teethSawblade BSP blue

  • Kerf (width) 3.2mm
  • Bore size 30mm
  • 60 teeth
  • Laser cut noise dampening


300mm diameter with 72 teethsawblade BSP blue

  • Kerf (width) 3.2mm
  • Bore size 30mm
  • 72 teeth
  • Laser cut noise dampening