Sawstop contractor saw with options
Sawstop contractor saw with optionsSawstop contractor saw with optionsSawstop contractor saw with optionsSawstop contractor saw with optionsSawstop contractor saw with options

Sawstop Contractor saw

5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)

$2,450.00$2,850.00 inc. GST

Whether you use it on site, or in your workshop the Sawstop Contractor saw delivers the performance you need.

Plus, you get the peace of mind only Sawstop’s patented safety technology can provide.

250mm blade capacity, along with cast iron working tables make the Sawstop Contractor very versatile.

Upgrades available include the T Glide fence system, along with larger ripping capacities

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Product Description

Sawstop Contractor saw

All purpose versatility, reliability and safety.

Whether you use it on site, or in your workshop the Sawstop Contractor saw delivers the performance you need with the Peace of mind only Sawstop’s patented safety technology can provide

  • 1.75hp, 240v motor
  • Rip fence with locking system
  • Blade capacity 10″
  • Tilting blade

It’s the no compromise Sawstop engineering that makes people choose the Sawstop machine. The safety comes first, and is followed by unmatched quality, precision and meticulous engineering.  Sawstop saws are built to last, built to cut and built to protect.

Based on feedback from the Australian market, we stock 3 versions of the Sawstop contractor saw.

  1. 30″ ripping capacity with aluminium fence system
  2. 36″ ripping capacity with T Glide fence system
  3. 52″ ripping capacity with T glide fence system

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3 reviews for Sawstop Contractor saw

  1. 5 out of 5


    Without a doubt, this is the best wood tool I have ever purchased! I originally baulked at the cost but the quality of the end products, especially with multiple repeated cuts (regardless of the safety aspect) justifies the cost.

    The Sawstop break DOES work! I had finished cutting a section of wood and turned the SawStop off. Even though the blade had almost stopped turning I just touched the blade. WACK! I almost had a heart attack from the noise of the break stopping the blade.

    The only fault I have found is that living on the beach front the metal table top has some surface rust. I used a spray primer and black metal paint and the problem is fixed. I have had the saw for five years and there is no sign of the powder coating degrading!

    The only trouble with such an accurate, easy to use saw table is that all the locals are lining up to use it! Thank goodness the barter system is alive and well!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Impressive table saw, not only evidenced in the quality of the build but also the installation instructions (absolutely second to none) and the performance of the saw in a range of ripping tasks. The safety features of the saw are excellent and were obviously an important decision factor in my purchase of this saw, however the quality and performance alone justify the cost.

  3. :

    The Sawstop has become invaluable (not only the safety aspect which has already saved one thumb but also the overall build and fence quality). It has been a game changer for our studio.

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Specification Sheet


Overall saw dimensions (including the motor): 44” w x 391⁄4” d x 343⁄4” h (table saw only)

  • 581⁄2” w x 40” d x 343⁄4” h (w/ Contractor Fence Assembly)
  • 691⁄8” w x 41” d x 343⁄4” h (w/ T-Glide Fence System & 36” rails)
  • 851⁄4” w x 41” d x 343⁄4” h (w/ T-Glide Fence System & 52” rails)
  • Cabinet footprint: 253⁄4” w x 27” d
  • Cast iron table: 20” w x 27” d, 44” w x 27” d (w/ extension wings)
  • Extension wing: 12” w x 27” d
  • Extension table (optional): 193⁄4” w x 27” d (36” rails), 353⁄4” w x 27” d (52” rails)
  • Weights (approx.): 225 lbs (table saw only)
  • 245 lbs (w/ Contractor Fence Assembly)
  • 310 lbs (w/ T-Glide Fence System, 36” rails & table)
  • 335 lbs (w/ T-Glide Fence System, 52” rails & table)
  • 35 lbs (optional cast iron extension wing)
  • Shipping weight (approx.): 240 lbs (table saw only)
  • Blade: 40-tooth, professional grade, 5⁄8” arbor
  • Blade diameter: 10”
  • Blade tilt: Left
  • Blade kerf: 3 mm
  • Blade plate thickness: 2 mm
  • Max. depth of cut, blade at 0º: 31⁄8”
  • Max. depth of cut, blade at 45º: 21⁄4”
  • Max. rip, right of blade: 301⁄2” (w/ Contractor Fence Assembly)
  • 361⁄2” (w/ optional 36” rails)
  • 521⁄2” (w/ optional 52” rails)
  • Max. rip, left of blade: 161⁄2” (w/ Contractor Fence Assembly)
  • 121⁄2” (w/ T-Glide Fence System)
  • Dado diameter: 8” (requires a separate brake cartridge and table insert)
  • Dado max. width: 13⁄16”
  • Arbor diameter at blade: 5⁄8”
  • Main bearing size: 62 mm OD x 30 mm ID
  • Second bearing size: 52 mm OD x 25 mm ID
  • Table in front of blade (max. elevation): 105⁄8”
  • Table behind blade (max. elevation): 71⁄8”
  • Arbor Runout: 0.001” maximum allowable runout
  • Table Flatness Measured Diagonally: 0.016” maximum gap
  • Blade Alignment with Miter Slot: 0.010” maximum displacement
  • Deviation of Miter Gauge Indexing Stops
  • from actual angle: ±0.25º
  • Alignment between Spreader and Blade: 0.010” maximum difference
  • Miter slots: T-shaped, 3⁄4” at top, 1” at bottom, 3⁄8” deep
  • Dust collection port diameter: 4”
  • Riving knife / spreader thickness: 2.3 mm
  • Blade guard: polycarbonate, extends only 1” to right of blade
  • Standard Insert: zero-clearance, steel core with ABS surface
  • Belts: V-ribbed belt— motor belt is static dissipative
  • Handwheels: 6” diameter, cast aluminum with ABS handle
  • Motor Options : 1.75 hp, 50 Hz, 208-240V (model CNS175-AU)