Artisan 260C Surfacer Thicknesser

A 260mm wide combination machine, giving you the ability to straighten and dress rough sawn timber.

Reliable performance from a solid, durable machine.  Fitted standard with a spiral cutterblock, this 260mm surfacer thicknesser gives great cutting capacities, smooth finishing and quiet operation.

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Designed for the small workshop, the 260C gives large capacities, in a small machine frame.

The ingenious design means changing from surfacer to thicknesser is a simple operation, involvoing two quick release handles.

As a thicknesser, the machine is fitted with anti-kickback fingers, and infeed and outfeed rollers.  These give you a smooth, uniform feed through the cutterblock – ensuring a smooth uniform finish on your workpiece.  The table height adjustment lever is right next to the infeed of the machine, and is easy to use.  The large, metric scale means setting up for depth of cut is easy to do.

When Planing, the fence has the capacity to operate at 90 degrees to the table, or tilted to 45 degrees.  The european style planing guard gives quick height adjustment, ensuring you’re always working at your safest.

The dust collection system creates a neat seal around the cutterblock, reducing the airborne particles significantly.

The optional wheelkit is built into the machine base, folding up out of the way when not in use.

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Specification Sheet

Artisan 260C surfacer thicknesser specifications

  • Planer table length 1030mm
  • Thickness table: 260 x 400mm
  • 1.5kW, 240V motor
  • Max depth of cut 3mm
  • Min length of workpiece 130mm
  • Min / Max thicknessing height 8mm – 160mm
  • Blade speed 380/820 m/min

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  • 0.75kw 240V motor
  • 200mm cut height
  • Table tilt 0-45 degrees
  • Blade length 2370mm
  • Blade width 6mm to 19mm
  • Weight 75kg
  • 15amp, 240V plug and lead supplied