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Designed to give you a complete sanding station in one machine.

Operations such as linishing, edge sanding (including long workpieces), internal radius and angle/mitred sanding can all be performed on the Unilev15

For product information and specifications see below.

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Product Description

The Unilev has been designed to be a versatile sanding station for both large and small components.  This cleverly designed machine includes:

  • Edge sanding
  • Long piece sanding (via a unique fence system)
  • Tilting sanding belt
  • Internal radius sanding.


The Unilev sanding machine can be used in a couple of ways.

Standard operation is via the sanding belt, with a capacity of 150mm height and just under a meter in length.  In this setup the machine edgesands as a normal linisher or edgesander.

For sanding longer workpieces, the in/out feed system can be introduced.  This allows the operator to feed long workpieces (no maximum length) past the sanding face – working similar to a spindle moulder.  You’ll get uniform sanding along any length workpiece








Panel Support

The large cast iron worktable gives solid support of your workpiece.  Combine this with the extendable support, with rollers, and large panels can also be edgesanded.

Sanding Complex Angles

Complex components with angles can be sanded in a number of ways.

  • Head tilting:  the complete sanding belt tilts away from the operator.  There is a large scale to read the angle from, adjustment is via a handwheel at the front of the machine.
  • Angle fence:  we supply the unilev standard with an adjustable reference fence.  This large fence mounts onto a cast mitre gauge, allowing you to reference your workpeice off the fence.  You can then introduce the components to the sanding face at an exact angle.

Sanding Internal Curves

The cylinder at the end of the machine is 100mm diameter and has been fitted with a cast table which is height adjustable.  This allows you to sand internal radiuses and curves.

Extraction ports at both ends of the machine give great dust removal, keeping your environment as clean as possible. The extraction hose is centralised into 1 x 120mm diameter port for connection to your extractor.

Contact us for information on pricing and availability.


Specification Sheet

  • Worktable size: 960 x 350 mm
  • Worktable vertical movement 230 mm
  • Sanding belt length 3000 mm
  • Sanding belt height 150 mm
  • Sanding table 1050 x 200 mm
  • Sanding cylinder Ø 100 mm
  • Sanding belt rotation speed 20 mm/sec.
  • Sanding unit tilting 90° – 45° degrees
  • Main motor rotation speed 3000 r.p.m.
  • Sanding belt oscillation range 20 mm
  • Types of grit 60 ÷ 200
  • Main motor power: 50 Hz 3,0 kW
  • Belt oscillation motor power 50 Hz 0,25 kW

Extractions Technical Specifications

  • Extractor outlet diameter Ø 120 mm
  • Extraction air speed 25 – 30 m/sec
  • Extracion air consumption [Ø 120] 1018 – 1221 mch