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Formula S400P US Bandsaw

$4,950.00 inc. GST

The solid build, advanced components and user friendly controls make the Formula S400P US a joy to use.

This bandsaw is designed for both artisans and heavy industrial use.  Popular throughout Europe, North America and Canada, this machine is renowned for having massive cut capacities, heavy duty construction and a quality of cut second to none.

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Product Description

Our best selling bandsaw from Formula.

The solid build, advanced components and user friendly controls make the S400P US a joy to use.

The engineering team at Formula designed the S400P US for both artisans and heavy industrial use.  Popular throughout Europe, North America and Canada, this machine is renowned for having massive cut capacities, heavy duty construction and a quality of cut second to none.

But how is this achieved?

Smart engineering.

Triple welded steel frame, thick cast iron wheels, oversized guide supports and quick change tongue and groove tyres. (read more in the specifications page). Whether your resawing or machining curved intricate details, this bandsaw is engineered to be rock solid.

Popular throughout North America and Canada (where its known by it Imperial name, the MM16) this machine has a strong following. Used in both professional and hobby/artisan workshops, the S400P US bandsaw is designed to be as versatile as possible.

Want to know more about the S400P US bandsaw?

  • Take a look at the North American MM16 promo video.  Some of the specs and info relates to the US market, however it gives a great overview of the machine and how you can use it in your workshop.
  • Read a user review from DHD furniture on the Formula heavy duty bandsaw
  • Are you trying to work out the best way to get your machine home from our warehouse.  Watch how Jordan from Jordswoodshop went about it.

1 review for Formula S400P US Bandsaw

  1. :

    I have had my time with old second-hand and cheap machines which in hindsight has been a complete false economy in time and money.
    Being one of the three most used machines in my shop it was a no brainer when it came to justifying the cost.
    In my experience spend the most you can afford on things you rely on and use regularly. Quality = happiness.
    I have two MiniMax products now. When I use them sometimes I shake my head at what I put up with in the past!

    Deon from DHD Furniture

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Specification Sheet

Formula S400P US specification sheet

  • Worktable size: 450 x 600mm
  • Wheel diameter: 400mm
  • Max cutting height: 400mm
  • Min/Max blade length: 3835/3910mm
  • Min/Max blade dimensions: 10×0.5mm/30×0.5mm
  • Motor size: 4hp, 240V
  • Lower cabinet isolation chamber for dust removal
  • Exhaust outlet diameter: 100mm
  • Cleaning brush on lower wheel
  • Microswitch cutouts on top and bottom access doors.
  • Telescopic blade protection with rack
  • Saw blade tensioning indicator
  • Footbrake
  • Overload motor protection


The triple welded steel frame for Minimax S400PTriple welded Steel Frame

The S400P US have a three piece welded steel frame. Other, lesser machines have a hollow tube for a spine (the weakest) or they have two steel tubes welded together (much more rigid).

Our machines have three peices welded together for maximum rigidity.

When you tension a carbide blade, many of which require 30,000 psi to achieve the proper tension you dont want the machine spine to flex due to the pressure.

Our system ensures the Formula bandsaws will not.

Thick cast iron wheels

Lower cabinet for Minimax S400PThe S400P US have thick cast iron wheels which are perfectly balanced to reduce vibration, and produce a flywheel effect to aid in the processing of your pieces.

Furthermore, this machine features an adjustable lower guide assembly. Most lower guides are fixed at a low position, to allow the table to tilt to 45degrees and not hit the guides. On our machine, when you are not tilting the table, you can raise the guides all the way up to the lower table surface to decrease the distance between your guides – maintaining a maximum stability through your cut.

Tongue and groove tyres

tongue and groove tyres for Minimax S400PThe S400P US has tongue and groove tires on the cast-iron wheels. When replacing a tire on most machines (an inevitability over time) you have to scrape off the glued on tire, clean the cast iron surface, re-glue the new tire on, band it so that it adheres properly, and possibly have to take the wheel to be re-balanced afterwards.

Some machines have “cold-vulcanized” tires which is a permanent bonding process which means you have to send the entire wheel back to the manufacturer to replace.

With our system, no glue is necessary, simply heat the tire a little, wrap it around the cast-iron wheel so that the tongue fits into the groove of the wheel surface, and as it cools it bonds to the wheel. Simple.


Heavy duty rigidity

upper guide support for the Minimax S400PThe S400P US has an 1.25″ steel post for your upper guide support. This post has a chain and sprocket mechanism so that you always maintain fluid movement even with the buildup of pitch and dust. Lending further support is a massive cast iron enclosure and a metal gib so that when you lock your guides in place, you don’t get any flex when cutting your material.

This range of machines use Imperial measurements on all labels and manuals. No blades are supplied with the machine.

Pricing is based on customer pickup from our warehouse. If an interstate stock transfer is required, additional charges will apply.

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