Sliding Tables – A Move In The Right Direction

Minimax sc4 elite

Panel saws often take pride of place in the workshop, so it makes sense to ensure you are getting the most out of your machine. When you need accuracy and reliability for every single cut, a sliding table panel saw can consistently ensure a great finish. For woodworkers who need the ability to cut and build large pieces, nothing beats the stability and precision of a sliding table. Increased Accuracy Cutting on a traditional cabinet saw without a sliding table... Read More

Combination Machines – Are They Right For You?

C26 Genius combination machine

When running a small to medium sized woodworking business, space and cost concerns are often leading factors when deciding which machines are going to best suit your requirements. Fitting out a workshop, or updating your current machinery quickly becomes time consuming when you factor in all the different options for each machine you need to spend hours researching – not to mention the cost involved in purchasing each individual machine. With the ability to merge from two to four machines... Read More

Wood, Clay & a Dog in the Italian Countryside


In 2013, Weronika and Marco decided to risk it all and go live in rural Monferrato in the Italian countryside, where they now make their living by creating wood and clay objects for everyday use in the home and kitchen. Weronika majored in Italian during her Erasmus exchange programme, while Marco majored in Philosophy at the University of Turin, where he also worked, though in the field of information technology. He would often visit a carpentry shop to learn how to restore furniture, as his grandfather had... Read More

MiniMax ME20 Sale – Limited Time Only!


The Minimax ME20 is the perfect solution for professional craftsmen and joiners who want to edgeband easily and smoothly. Reliability minimax me 20 is a hot melt edgebander that will only feed boards when the glue is at the right temperature instead of adjusting the machine to suit varying weather conditions – meaning no more edges falling off. Reduced Costs Hot melt edgebanders are more cost effective to run than hot air machines. Better Quality The bond is much stronger... Read More

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