Top 9 Bandsaw Projects

With so many of you now the proud owners of a new iwoodlike bandsaw, we thought this list might come in handy.  Presenting: our Top 9 Bandsaw Projects.

Bandsaws can be pretty versatile machines. With the right technique and a good design idea, you can create some very cool pieces. Time to get into the workshop!

1. Wooden Vase

A versatile design, play around with shapes and different types of timber.

Vase bandsaw project
Follow the instructions here.


2. Patience Clock

Do any of you have the patience to build this one? Get it?!

Patience Clock Bandsaw project
See the video tutorial here.


3. Wall Mirror

A great little project to display your skills around the house.

Wall Mirrow Bandsaw Project
See how to make it for yourself.


4. Jewellery Box

Might be time to start working on Christmas presents?

Chest Drawer Bandsaw Project
Watch the video here.


5. Jewellery Stand

Perhaps another early Christmas gift project.

Jewellery Stand Bandsaw Project
Find all the details here.


6. Mash Paddle

Great idea for all you home brewers.

Mash Paddle Bandsaw Project
Find the instructions here.


7.  Puzzle Coffee Table

Something to entertain yourself in the ad breaks?

Puzzle Coffee Table
Make one for yourself.


8. Toy Sports Car

So much better than a tiny matchbox car.

Wooden Sports Car
Find the instructions here.


9. AK47 Guitar

Probably not the most useful item on the list, but it looks pretty cool!

AK47 Guitar Bandsaw Project
See the video tutorial.


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