Tersa cutterblock knives

Why do we fit Tersa cutterblock knives to the MiniMax range of machines?

  • Knives automatically set by centrifugal force – no knife setting jigs required

    Cutterblock to suit Tersa knife system

    The Tersa cutterblock and knife system

  • No trade training or skills required, just insert and go.
  • Unique design maintains the exact cutting height required, no adjustments needed
  • Double sided knives available in a range of compositions for different applications
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced cutterblock noise

Want to see the Tersa system in action?

Watch Matt do a complete cutterblock knife change in under 2 minutes!  No sound, no problems, we’ve got a transcription of the video below.

Can’t view the video? Click here for a text version.

You’ll find the Tersa knife system in many of the Minimax range, including the CU300 classic, CU410 classic and the C26 & C30 Genius 

Transcription of Tersa system video

Tersa System

Hi. I am Matt from Chat with Matt. Today, I want to show you how easy a knife changeover is using the Tersa cutterblock system.

So what you’ll see in the video here is basically how quick and easy the changeover actually is with the unique system of the Tersa knife cutterblock. So the Tersa knife cutterblock uses centrifugal force in order to lock the knives in position each and every time you turn it on.

From my personal point of view, I like the Tersa knife system because it’s so quick and easy to set up without the use of a knife setting device or magnets or rulers to just get that perfect alignment to your outfeed table. During my training, I spent three months learning how to set up a standard straight-knife cutterblock. That’s why I love Tersa so much. It just eliminates all that difficulty in one go. The other good thing about the knives with the Tersa system is they are quick and easy to change over.

So you can have a range of knives for different uses, different materials. They come in a range of knives like high-speed steel with tungsten impregnation. The M42 series, which has cobalt and vanadium for about 35% longer life span as well as the gold series which have a clear coating on them, again, for a longer life of the actual knife itself.

When changing the knives, I am using the knife change tool, which makes it easy to sort of pop those knives out and slide them in and out of the cutterblock itself. But you can use a block of timber if you really wanted to.

Because of the quick changeover system that the Tersa knife is, you could even have two sets of tools on the shelf ready to go for a roughing set for machining down sort of, you know, your rough, barky timber to give you a clean surface, and then a really nice, fine set for giving you that really pristine finish that you’d be looking for when doing some really nice, fine furniture at home. As soon as they are changed out by starting the cutterblock up, they automatically set themselves, and away you go.

So make sure you check them out at iwoodlike.com.

So that’s it—Tersa—quick, simple, and easy.