Xylent Spiral Cutterblocks

After a few years in R&D, MiniMax have perfected their range of spiral cutterblocks.  Designed to suit their surfacer, thicknessers and the 4 in 1 combinations, these European cutterblocks are designed specifically for Minimax machines – so feed rates, number of teeth, cutter diameter are perfectly in sync – giving a slippery smooth finish off the back of the machine.

Xylent cutterblock 151214

Dubbed ‘Xylent’ (a play on ‘silent’) the spiral cutterblocks are now available.

The Real Silence

We measured the noise level of the planing performed on a Minimax Lab 300 plus combination machine, varying the planer we used, in order to highlight the potential of the Xylent cutterblock.

The measurement was made in an anechoic chamber, a dedicated structure to measure the actual noise level of a machine. The Xylent cutterblocks reduced the noise level by 13 dB!


Xylent cutterblocks use 3 rows of a collection of knives that are positioned within close proximity to each other and spiral around the cutter block. Each knife has four cutting edges that can be rotated as one edge dulls. The spiral design of the Xylent system means that the knife will shear the timber rather than cut directly on it.

Xylent Cutterblock Features:

  • Four useable faces per knife.
  • Maintains perfect set-up.
  • Excellent quality of cut
  • Reduced noise emission
  • Improved shaving extraction
  • Less working load on the machine motor

The Xylent system also is available with a maintenance kit to help you get the most out of the cutter block.

Xylent cutterblock

Xylent Cutterblocks are available throughout the MiniMax range of machines.

Contact iwoodlike for more information.