MiniMax ME20 Sale – Limited Time Only!

The Minimax ME20 is the perfect solution for professional craftsmen and joiners who want to edgeband easily and smoothly.

minimax me 20 is a hot melt edgebander that will only feed boards when the glue is at the right temperature instead of adjusting the machine to suit varying weather conditions – meaning no more edges falling off.

Reduced Costs

Hot melt edgebanders are more cost effective to run than hot air machines.

Better Quality
The bond is much stronger than pre-glued edges and the glue line is thinner, making for a better looking edge.

The minimax me 20 can apply any material from 0.4mm coil to 5mm strip material and 50mm in working height.

Quicker Turnaround
Edges are typically available off the shelf from most suppliers.


Usually valued at $15, 413 + GST, for a limited time SCM Group Australia is offering the Minimax ME20 for only $11,950 + GST (customer pick up only – please call for the location).

For more information, contact or call 1300 42 22 38.