How to Assemble the Sawstop Professional saw with Stu’s shed.

One of the most comment questions we get here at is “How much work in involved in assembling the machine myself”

We may be guilty of creating some concern here.  In our efforts to reduce our costs to you, our export packaged machines are a bit of an unknown quantity. Firstly, let’s clarify a few things:

  •         You don’t need to do any wiring or cabling in the machine (except for the main plug)
  •         You don’t need an engineering workshop
  •         The only heavy lifting is getting the machine into position.

The rest of the assembly is fences, support tables and the like – the biggest part of the job is cleaning. Recently, Stu from purchased a Sawstop Professional table saw.  He made the effort to film the assembly process in a step by step basis.


Can’t view the video? Click here for a text version.

The Sawstop  table saw has the advantage of having some really clear cut instructions, including all the hardware clearly marked out in the specific packaging. 

As well as the instruction manual, Sawstop provide a poster you can reference during the assembly – it’s a little thing, but makes the difference when you have your hands full and just want a quick reference point.

Each machine we offer is different, and requires different levels of assembly.  We’ll be recording a few other machines being assembled over the coming months.  If you want to receive updates as we add new assembly videos fill in your details on the signup panel below.

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