Combination Machines – Are They Right For You?

When running a small to medium sized woodworking business, space and cost concerns are often leading factors when deciding which machines are going to best suit your requirements. Fitting out a workshop, or updating your current machinery quickly becomes time consuming when you factor in all the different options for each machine you need to spend hours researching – not to mention the cost involved in purchasing each individual machine.

With the ability to merge from two to four machines all in one, a combination machine can easily become the solution to a number of problems.

MiniMax combination machineSpace Savings

If space is an issue, the potential to combine multiple functions into one machine footprint is an appealing concept. Depending on what machines you need in a combination machine, there are numerous compact options on the market. Or, with a little extra room, a more substantial combination machine will still mean a smaller footprint than four separate machines.

Cost Savings

At the most basic level, the cost of a combination machine can come in at a far lower price than the outlay required for up to four separate machines to achieve the same machining result. Ongoing, the ability to work efficiently on one machine will save you in time – a major cost in a small to medium business.

Increased Capacities

The reputation of slow and cumbersome changeovers in combination machines are a thing of the past. While some lower-end machines do require a bit of effort to change between functions, it’s easy to choose a machine that offers quick changeover from one operation to the next, sometimes in a matter of seconds.

Typical 4 in 1 configurations include a sliding table saw, surfacer, thicknesser and spindle moulder, with combination machines often incorporating upgrades as standard, giving you more bang for your buck.C3. genius

With multiple options available at different price points and capacities, we have the machining solution for all workshops.

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